Business Benefits

It’s Not Data. It’s Your Business.

Not only is Anzo a smart technology investment for you, here’s why it’s also a smart business decision. One reason is what you get today. Another is how it also prepares you for tomorrow.


People who understand the power of Anzo, as our name-brand customers do, rate it as a breakthrough in the practical use of data. It makes literally all of an enterprise’s data an encyclopedic resource that responds to any question an authorized person can think to ask.

Today that means no one has to wait for IT to code questions that people expect to ask, only to wait again while IT codes new questions or lines of inquiry that the initial answers suggest.

That alone accelerates, by a factor of weeks or months, the time to insight, compliance or completion of tasks.

If a person is authorized to find answers, then they will. And that leads to breakthroughs of your own.


Data-use technology will change. That’s guaranteed. It also used to be guaranteed that existing data will become unavailable to one degree or another when new data-related technology and techniques emerge.

One of the goals for Anzo was to avoid those data dead-ends. So the way the data is prepared both makes it readily available now and insulates it from technology changes in the future. Because the data is independent of any particular storage type or access application, it will remain a viable asset.

Second, Anzo is economically scalable to whatever size an enterprise needs. This means you can start in a focused area and expand as you want to, or need to, as the value of Anzo is realized.

The Secret Sauce? Vision, Hard Work, and Results.

What Anzo can do right now, nothing else can do today or in the foreseeable future. Yet, it’s built on open-source technology and runs on economical commodity servers and resources.

There’s no magic to it. There’s just hard work. More than 15 years of it, in fact.

Semantic technology debuted around the turn of the 21st century. It held great promise, but most people gave up on it because they couldn’t figure out how to scale it to enterprise-class performance and efficiency.

The state of the art servers and storage weren’t up to the task then, either. But over the years, prices fell even as capacity increased, and cloud services further improved the cost/benefit ratio. All the while, Cambridge Semantics kept working at semantics technology to resolve the very hardest challenges of it.

Anzo is the result. The capabilities are here. The affordable infrastructure to support them is here. And the results are flowing in for our customers.

So, the secret sauce of Anzo is not magic. It’s vision, hard work, and results.


“Cambridge Semantics does something that is both unique and extremely powerful – it provides customers with a fully integrated semantic development pipeline. I believe such a capability is transformational for any industry looking to provide meaningful, consistent and credible data analytics.”

— Carl Reed, formerly Managing Director, Goldman Sachs and Credit-Suisse