Connected Data Discovery & Analytics

Explore and analyze all of your data – the way you think.

Anzo’s Hi-Res Analytics® provides an interactive and intuitive exploratory experience that allows citizen data scientists, business users and analysts self-service access to even the most complicated multi-dimensional data and to receive real-time answers to ad-hoc questions, unaided by IT, without query language skills.

Hi-Res Analytics charting and tabular drill-down dashboards are easily configured by business end users to automatically generate the sophisticated and often exceedingly complex queries needed to navigate the enterprise knowledge graph, execute multi-hop “JOINS” and filters as well as perform the aggregations necessary to immediately return answer data sets. Anzo’s breakthrough query generation capability is by far the most advanced in the industry because it is designed to work in tandem with the Semantic Layer. Hi-Res dashboard capabilities include access to more than 90 Excel like formula functions allowing users with spreadsheet level skills to feel right at home exploring, manipulating and even cleaning their data on-the-fly.

“Hi-Res” refers to the level of detail users enjoy when accessing data. Unlike leading BI end user tools that usually operate on a single narrow tabular slice of data exported from an upstream data warehouse, data mart, or Big Data system, Hi-Res Analytics users make their queries directly against all of the available data and not just an exported subset. With Hi-Res Analytics, business users no longer need to continually return to their SQL skilled data analysts and DBA’s with requests for additional data table extracts. This means substantially shortened cycle times for data exploration and discovery analytics as well as reporting tasks. With Hi-Res Analytics, users can truly have an interactive self-directed conversation with all of their data – quickly and easily pivoting to take the analysis in new directions based on the answers to earlier questions. All data made visible through Hi-Res Analytics dashboards can be exported in a CSV table to third party tools like R and Microsoft Excel.

Another enormous difference between Hi-Res Analytics and regular BI tools is the first in class analytics support for unstructured data elements drawn from text. Users can seamlessly blend facts extracted from both unstructured and structured sources into their analysis while never being more than a navigational click away from the exact line in the document or email from where a fact was mined. Similarly, the Anzo’s Provenance Explorer can provide the full lineage of all structured data, down to the field level, from the remotest upstream sources through any number of transformations, right into the Hi-Res Analytics dashboard in which that field appears.

The Semantic Layer models the way users talk and think about their data as associations and with fully automated query generation Hi-Res Analytics turns the imagination of the user into long complex graph queries for which AGQE provides the interactive performance chops to keep pace with immediate answers – regardless of data complexity or dimensionality, number of joins between concepts, data source or size. Hi-Res Analytics enables more users to explore more data from more sources, faster, and more easily than ever before.


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