Anzo Solutions

Anzo delivers value quickly for its customers, often through practical solutions in related business functions. The semantic data models applied in each solution naturally connect to form an enterprise data fabric, addressing real business problems and building transformational value as each new solution joins the data fabric. As a true future-proof data fabric platform, Anzo excels where data sources and business requirements are complex and evolving.

Anzo enables solutions in three complementary areas of modern data management and advanced analytics:

Semantic Layer for Cloud Data Lakes and Hadoop

Derive value from your data lake without manual data tools or custom coding.

Many organizations seeking to accelerate digital transformation have made huge investments in data lake infrastructures to bring data sources together. However, they soon discover they have consolidated their data, but without its context and business meaning, which are key to gaining business value.

Deployed over your existing enterprise data investments, Anzo delivers a Semantic Layer based on graph technology, to quickly and effectively connect, harmonize and govern data in your data lake while also eliminating the need to stitch together multiple data tools and write custom code.

At enterprise scale, the Semantic Layer weaves together your organization’s structured and unstructured data into an Enterprise Data Fabric that enables future-proof, unified access to all your data assets and accelerates digital transformation.

Self-Service Data Access and Advanced Analytics

Answer unanticipated questions on complex data across many sources.

Anzo’s Semantic Layer gives end users true on-demand access to all available information for new, deeper levels of business insight.

Users conduct rich, code-free, interactive data discovery and analytics with outstanding speed and performance. Users can visualize and explore data using Anzo’s Hi-Res Analytics as well as their favorite BI or data science tools of choice.

Anzo also empowers users to freely “pivot” their analytics to ask new, ad hoc questions without limitations imposed by relational technology.

Modern Data Management and Data Preparation for ML and AI

Accelerate automation of data-driven operations with Machine Learning & AI.

Anzo’s Semantic Layer is the modern data model for AI. Our graph technology allows your people, data and algorithms to collaborate on the hardest problems to drive automation and insight.

Anzo automates data flows from multiple data sources through algorithms and human interaction to put your production-ready AI to work.

Fast-track your Machine Learning projects with rapidly integrated, high-quality data and optimized feature engineering and selection processing.

Anzo’s self-service data access and analytics capabilities are ideal for preparing and optimizing data for such advanced data initiatives as Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Anzo expedites machine learning data engineering for more effective, successful models by:

  • Rapidly integrating all relevant structured and unstructured data sources for richer, optimized training data sets
  • Dramatically reducing time required for feature engineering through automatic query generation and a wide array of Excel-style analytic functions
  • Managing and maintaining catalogs of data sets and data lineage/provenance for continuous testing and improvement of models