Support Policy

Cambridge Semantics Inc. Enterprise Software Product Support Policy

Cambridge Semantics Inc. (CSI) offers three years (36 months) of licensed program support from the general availability (“GA”) of a new Major Release or one year (12 months) after the GA date of the following major release (whichever is longer) on fully paid up subscription licenses. Error corrections released as part of a Minor Release shall have a Minor Release version for all actively supported Major Releases as of the release date for such Minor Release. Subscription licenses to the Product(s) have a support life-cycle which is divided into two distinct phases: “Full Support” and “Extended Support.”

“Full Support” – is the period twenty-four (24) months from GA of a Major Release. The Full Support phase includes Updates. General Updates and bug fixes will be made to the latest Minor Release only, while security vulnerability resolutions will be made available in all supported Minor Releases. Minor Releases will be supported a minimum of twelve (12) months from GA of the Minor Release.

“Extended Support” – is the period of twelve (12) months following the end of Full Support. This Extended Support phase supports customers running product releases that have gone beyond the Full Support phase of the lifecycle. Primary assistance is available through the technical support portal ( where customers can receive support and workarounds. Additional technical support is made available during this period at an extra charge set by CSI. Customer Support may direct customers to upgrade to a more current Major / Minor / Maintenance Release of the product in order to resolve issues. Qualified security vulnerability resolutions may be made available during this phase.

In the event that Full Support for a release would normally expire and no later release has been made generally available, support for the old release will be extended until such time as a new release is made generally available.

In the event that support for a release would normally expire and no further releases are planned, a product may be “end-of-lifed.” The decision to “end-of-life” any product will be announced to customers at least twelve (12) months ahead of the date that support for all releases of any Product will no longer be available.

Version Numbers explained

Major version releases (e.g. 1.0, 2.0, etc.): Major version releases will generally be made on a schedule to include 1 major version release over a period of 1 – 2 years.

Minor version releases (e.g. 1.1, 1.2, etc.): Minor version releases will generally be made on a schedule to include 2 – 3 minor releases per year.

Very minor releases (e.g. 1.11, 1.21, etc): Very minor version releases will be released on a monthly basis and should be transparent to the customer.