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Who Are We

About Cambridge Semantics

Cambridge Semantics Inc. is a modern data management and enterprise analytics software company. Our product Anzo® is the most complete, scalable, and powerful knowledge graph platform available today. Anzo transforms siloed data into knowledge graphs, revealing previously hidden insights, fueling pervasive analytics, and making previously unanswerable questions answerable.

Our solutions enable organizations in Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Manufacturing to accelerate data delivery and provide meaningful insights enterprise-wide at hyper-speed and scale.

Our Story

CSI was founded in 2007 by an innovation and engineering team from IBM’s Advanced Technology Group with a shared belief that semantic graph data models were a transformational technology destined to help organizations exploit their data in unprecedented ways: fueling analytics, revealing new insights, and enabling strategically important, competitive differentiation. CSI’s founders were among the first in the world to recognize the ability of graph technology to connect and model data in unique and powerful ways, integrate siloed sources and make complicated data easier to understand and use. Rooted in this belief, the team set about building a platform to deliver these benefits at enterprise scale. Since then, the team has relentlessly worked to translate that vision into reality by creating Anzo - the world’s most complete and scalable knowledge graph platform - and partnering with innovative leaders to implement Anzo to solve the most challenging data integration and analytic problems standing in the way of digital transformation. Today, CSI's technical team is the largest single collection of knowledge graph experts in the world, with their average technical lead clocking more than 10 years of experience with knowledge graph and over 170 years of collective expertise across the field team alone. Around the globe and across industries, F1000 companies have picked Anzo as the most complete and visionary solution and CSI as the most experienced partner for their knowledge graph led digital transformations.

Our Approach

How do you turn very difficult, enterprise data challenges into strong competitive advantages in the Digital Transformation era and beyond?

Cambridge Semantics specializes in the practical application of knowledge graphs for data management and analytics at any scale. Our products apply open data standards,  semantic models and graph technology to connect and harmonize all manner of diverse, complex and entity-rich data. By integrating structured and unstructured data into vast enterprise knowledge graphs, we expose and amplify the value of enterprise data, empowering business-users to answer any question via an interactive and automated querying experience. Our next generation knowledge graph platform, Anzo, is delivered via hybrid cloud on-demand infrastructure and represents a paradigm shift in data management and analytics.

Cambridge Semantics is led by an Executive team of senior leaders from some of the world’s largest and most successful companies, including IBM, Oracle and General Electric. In addition, we’ve got plenty of experience in building and growing software companies from the idea stage all the way to market leadership in fields including business intelligence, data management, analytics, enterprise search, database technology, semantics, strategic industry consulting and more. Our employees make up a dynamic and globally diverse team with extensive backgrounds in computer science, data science, life sciences, healthcare, financial services and more. They continually improve and innovate our technology to help solve the biggest digital transformation challenges, while also earning a reputation as the “go-to” people for our customers every step of the way on their journeys with knowledge graph. Learn more about our go-to team on our Culture & Careers page!

Our Customers

Built In Boston Best Places to Work

DBTA Top 100 Companies That Matter Most in Data

DBTA Best Graph Database

Bloor Research Mutable Award

January 2021

Built In Boston recognized Cambridge Semantics in multiple categories: Best Places to Work, Best Small Companies to Work For, and Best Paying Companies.

June 2023

For the sixth consecutive year, Cambridge Semantics has been named to DBTA’s annual list of ‘100 Companies that Matter in Most in Data’.

April 2020

Cambridge Semantics is honored to be included in Data Base Trends and Applications magazine’s Readers Choice Awards for Best Graph Database.

April 2020

Bloor Research has awarded Cambridge Semantics “Highly Commended” in their Mutable Awards 2020.

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