Knowledge Guru

Bringing the power and excitement of the generative AI world to the enterprise where data governance, provenance, scale, and security are paramount.

No, we aren’t hallucinating, the Knowledge Guru doesn’t guess.

Boards and teams throughout the organization will use Knowledge Guru to ask, in natural language, any ad hoc question of their structured or unstructured data and receive real time, accurate answers-fully compliant with Enterprise data standards.

Knowledge Guru eliminates the key generative AI impediments concerning enterprise clients today; e.g., hallucinations, data privacy, and lack of precision.

Knowledge Guru provides a chat-based interface integrated with Anzo semantic knowledge graph data architecture. Anzo’s trusted architecture, authorization and security standards allow enterprises to grant users permission to access all their data for ad hoc queries and analysis, and Knowledge Guru enables them to apply the power of generational AI conversational prompts in a safe manner, conforming to high Enterprise IT standards.





Accurate Answers

Output’s are verifiably accurate, reliable, and transparent

Data Provenance

Concrete, fully explained graph queries backed by data provenance


Role and group permissions ensuring that answers are framed by available information to the person asking the question

Speed & Scale

Expedient answers from queries traversing many different unstructured and structured data sources

Realized Value with Knowledge Guru

Democratizing Data Access

Enable any authorized user the ability to make informed real-time decisions.

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Streamlining Analytics Processes

Data Analysts can spend time on the big picture & Knowledge Guru users can find quick answers.

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Enhancing Collaboration & Decision-making

Cross functional teams and datasets can easily be integrated and queried for optimal outcomes.

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Improving User Satisfaction & Productivity

Exploratory self-service analytics boosts morale and efficiency.

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    Bring the power and excitement of the LLM world to the enterprise with full compliance and exacting enterprise standards where accurate answers, data ownership, privacy, provenance, scale, and security are paramount.