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Knowledge Graph LLM Generative AIUnderstand security and risk threats better, improve collaboration and operational efficiency, and accelerate delivery of core or agency mission outcomes

Anzo helps Federal and State Government agencies gain better insight into security and risk management issues; optimize operational efficiencies and innovate mission services; improve business efficiencies; and, enhance data sharing. With scalable knowledge graphs, government agencies control the destiny of their data and analytics outcomes.

White Paper

Knowledge Graph: A Key Technology Enabling Efficient Information Consumption at Scale

Government agencies have long recognized the need to exchange and consume information to provide effective services. However, information sharing has revealed a new challenge: efficiently understanding data from many different sources.

This paper briefly explains why traditional data management solutions such as data warehousing and ETL, and even newer technologies such data lakes, are insufficient to keep up with today’s fast-growing informational needs. This brief will inform you what you should look for when evaluating data discovery and integration technologies, while avoiding solutions that require you to “rip and replace” existing systems or implement “black box” solutions that result in costly vendor lock-in.

With Anzo You Can:

Gain Better Insights

Delve into cyber-security risk management issues by correlating and contextualizing cyber events to their effect on agency mission operations.

Research Agency Spending

Aggregate agency spending data and other operational data to discover patterns of efficiency and inefficiency.

Innovate Mission Services

Analyze citizen support tickets and mission gap analysis to discover potential new mission services.

Enhance Data Sharing

Enrich existing Government open data with explicitly defined links across open data sets.


  1. 2021 Trends in Big Data: The Interoperability Challenge

    The current momentum in the big data space is converging around the long-sought, rarely realized, time-honored IT ideal of “interoperability," per Cambridge Semantics CTO Sean Martin. And, the more the data starts to support that, the more interesting that gets."

  2. Anzo Demonstration: Maritime Common Operating Picture

    This demonstration shows how Anzo can be used to build a Maritime Common Operational Picture - a military expression describing a knowledge network of a particular operation and all of its component parts (command centers, vehicles, personnel, bases, etc.)

  3. U.S. Food and Drug Administration Knowledge Graph Platform

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is using Anzo as the analytics and integration layer for the FDA’s Intelligent Data Lake to provide a platform for integrating data for analytics and insights pertaining to new drug applications, generic formulations, risk evaluation, translational science, and pharmaceutical quality.