Data Fabric

The Data Fabric is an architecture for modern data management that anticipates the need to connect
data across the enterprise at speed and scale.

Knowledge graph is central to the success of any Data Fabric as an agile integration overlay that blends complex and diverse data into easy-to-consume data products for end-users, data scientists, and applications.

Anzo enables the implementation of a data fabric by:


Recognized as a Leader in Data Fabric Wave


Forrester recognized Cambridge Semantics as a leader in accelerating data integration, minimizing data management complexity, and delivering use cases. Also, recognized as the only solution to bring semantic and graph essentials to the data fabric stack.

 “Anzo customers like its graph model, data catalog, platform support, and ability to support a broad number of data fabric use cases.”

Anzo Brings Agility, Scale, and Speed to the Data Fabric

What Is Data Fabric Design?

This Gartner research clarifies what the design of a data fabric is. Grab the report to see the components under-the-hood.

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Robust, Agile, and Comprehensive: The Story of the Data Fabric

What is an Enterprise Data Fabric? How does Anzo's semantic layer add depth and meaning to enterprise data in the fabric?

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Anzo delivers really fast performance in the data fabric. How?

Can Graph Integrate Data at Scale in a data fabric? Hint: Yes, But the Answer Isn’t What You Think.

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Mini-webinar: MPP Data Virtualization

Virtualization - the ability to include data in the fabric remotely - is essential. Learn how Anzo supports virtualization.

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