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Life Science

Knowledge Graph LLM Generative AI

Accelerate drug discovery and approval, streamline regulatory data management, and improve the quality and consistency of clinical data

Anzo helps life science companies improve drug discovery and development, clinical trial execution, and the approval process by connecting and aligning vast collections of scientific, product, testing, regulatory, and commercial data in transformative enterprise-scale knowledge graphs.

Customer Spotlight

Merck KGaA is accelerating and enhancing its management of regulatory master data using a knowledge graph build with Anzo.


“Traditional data management tools take months and millions to produce data for reporting and analytics for drug development. Merck’s new data management chain, based on semantics, graph, controlled vocabularies and ontologies, is transforming the delivery of Regulatory Master Data Management for use in reporting, analytic, ML, and AI applications.”

With Anzo you can:

Automate Clinical Data Standards

Anzo is a knowledge graph-based solution; its ability to automate clinical data standards management is unparalleled in the marketplace today. Anzo can reduce implementation time by more than 4X, and improve regulatory compliance reporting.

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Advance Digital Patient Health

Continue to improve your patients’ health by gaining accelerated insights regarding patient safety, product efficacy, R&D operational effectiveness, clinical trials, Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR), and Precision Medicine initiatives

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Accelerate Competitive Intelligence

Be a leader in your industry by allowing subject-matter experts to curate, correct, and augment the data they know best, and stay on top of the competition by receiving alerts when key developments occur regarding drugs, companies, targets, disease areas, or geographies of interests

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Strengthen Scientific Data Discovery

Search, navigate, correlate, and analyze all enterprise data assets, locked away in ELNs, LIMS, medical records, clinical trial data, spreadsheets, Word documents, PDF files, and enterprise applications

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  1. U.S. Food and Drug Administration Knowledge Graph Platform

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is using Anzo, Cambridge Semantics scalable knowledge graph platform, as the analytics and integration layer for the FDA’s Intelligent Data Lake.

  2. Integrating Clinical Trial Data to Accelerate Drug Development via Data Fabric

    This Early Adopter Research white paper explains Cambridge Semantics’ approach to solving one of the most challenging and urgent problems facing pharmaceutical companies: using data to accelerate the development of life-saving medicines.

  3. Streamline Clinical Metadata Management for Operational Excellence

    Life sciences organizations must now comply with recent federal and international mandates for clinical data standards. Anzo helps Pharma and CROs manage clinical data standards in a much faster, and more efficient manner, offering increased visibility into the evolution of standards and how they are used across studies.