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Metadata Mangement

From Metadata to Knowledge Graph

When you collect your metadata in a knowledge graph with Anzo,
you know what information you have, where it is, and how to get to it.

Knowledge Graph LLM Generative AITo establish a complete view of the data management landscape, either across systems or within a given domain, organizations are modernizing metadata management through the use of data cataloging and data governance tools.  However, these systems alone do not capture the full breadth of metadata and all of its variations across applications, domains and data platforms.

Knowledge graphs provide the ideal medium to integrate and harmonize metadata from multiple systems – striking a balance between establishing common metadata models and retaining the nuance and richness of individual data domains.  Support for models described in SKOS and OWL provide common starting points for enterprise metadata models.

Anzo makes onboarding and harmonizing metadata from different sources rapid and easy and provides configurable dashboards to explore and analyze metadata.  Most importantly, as the data landscape grows, metadata management requires an enterprise-scale knowledge graph that Anzo uniquely provides.


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By linking and organizing your metadata as a knowledge graph, you can get a better picture of your entire data estate.

Collect and Connect Metadata

Harvest metadata from applications, metadata repositories, or catalogs across the organization and connect or collect it into the knowledge graph

Align Metadata around Standards

Map related metadata from separate sources into a common model using semantics and graph and based on enterprise standards

Analyze Integrated Metadata to Understand the Data Landscape

Build visualizations and analyze the metadata to understand everything about your information including where it is, who owns it, how clean is it, how often is it used, and more.

Share Integrated Governed Metadata to Build Consistency and Quality

Publish clean integrated sets of metadata that conform with corporate standards to IT teams, data stewards, and others across the organization to enable best practice data sharing, collaboration, and usage.