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AnzoGraph® DB

Horizontally Scalable Graph Database Built for
Online Analytics and Data Harmonization

Take on data harmonization and linked data challenges with AnzoGraph DB, a market-leading analytical graph database. AnzoGraph DB provides industrialized online performance for enterprise-scale graph applications.

AnzoGraph DB uses familiar SPARQL*/OWL for semantic graphs but also supports Labeled Property Graphs (LPGs). Access to many analytical, machine learning and data science capabilities help you achieve new insights, delivered at unparalleled speed and scale.

Analyze the

Use context and relationships between data as first-class citizens in your analysis.

Optimized for analytics
speed and scale

Ultra-fast data loading and analytical queries. Performance and data volume linearly scales as you add servers. ACID compliance for transactions.

Any data at any scale with industry-standard languages

Handle structured and unstructured data from diverse data sources with less worry about tables, JOINs, and data lifecycle.

Download the Free Edition of AnzoGraph for commercial use.

What is AnzoGraph DB?

With a huge collection of analytical features, AnzoGraph DB can enhance your analytical framework. Watch this video to learn how AnzoGraph DB is a Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) native graph database that is built for data harmonization and analytics.

Connect with Your Data

Analyze Data In-Place

Use every processor of every server to load data stored on over 200 sources. Connect, load or virtualize from many types of fixed data sources, from cloud sources to object-store to legacy databases.

Analyze Data In-Motion

Our ACID-compliant database makes it easy to load transactions. For enterprise data harmonization, AnzoGraph DB plugs into your enterprise service bus (ESB) architecture or you can use Apache Kafka, Apache Arrow, or many other solutions for streaming data.

rdf logo

Model as a semantic graph and/or a property graph. Use the language and standards you know to get the results you need. Supports RDF, RDF*, SPARQL*, Cypher, and OWL standards to name a few.

Build and Visualize

For graph visualization, leverage tools like Graphileon, Tom Sawyer, yWorks, Keylines. For dashboards, connect AnzoGraph DB to Tableau, PowerBI, and others via OData. For developing graph-powered applications, use familiar Zeppelin or Jupyter notebooks.

Analyze Your Data

Inferencing and Semantics Analytics

AnzoGraph DB’s descriptive vocabulary, expressed in SPARQL*/OWL, makes relationships first-class citizens of the database.

Build Your Own

We’ve got you covered with the tools to help you code your own custom functions that use the power of the MPP cluster to perform analysis.

Graph Algorithms

Graph algorithms like graph embeddings, centrality, pathfinding, community detection, and graph similarity offer a new level of insight.

Data Warehouse-style Analytics

Perform deep analytics as you would on your current data warehouse or augment your architecture for new workloads.

Data Science Algorithms

You can extend AnzoGraph DB with data science algorithms like correlation, profiling, distributions and entropy analysis to name a few.


Complex location relationship analytics are part of our offering. OGC and GeoSPARQL standards are supported.

Scale and Benchmarks

Trillion Triple Benchmark

Cambridge Semantics' AnzoGraph DB completed a load and query of one trillion (1012) triples 100 times faster than any previous solution at the same data scale.

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AnzoGraph DB Benchmarks

See the differences between graph transactional and analytical databases by comparing analytical style queries on a popular OLTP database vs AnzoGraph DB.

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Comparing Triplestores

Angus Addlesee, an engineer at Wallscope, compares Linked Data Triplestores including AnzoGraph DB, Virtuoso, GraphDB, Blazegraph, Stardog and more head-to-head.

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Announcing AnzoGraph DB Geospatial

Download this paper to learn about the new functionality in AnzoGraph DB Geospatial, then download the Free Preview to try it out.

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AnzoGraph Datasheet

Learn more about AnzoGraph, a native, Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) distributed Graph OLAP (GOLAP) database, providing hyperfast advanced analytics at big data scale.

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Bloor Graph Database Market Update 2020

This report compares 14 graph database vendors, including Amazon Neptune, MarkLogic, Neo4j and our own AnzoGraph DB in terms of analytics, ease of use, features, performance, scalability and more.

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AnzoGraph DB for Software Developers

Learn how AnzoGraph DB, a highly scalable and fast graph analytics database, can empower boundless applications in the graph, AI, and ML revolution.

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On-demand Webinar: Scalable, Fast Analytics with Graph - Why and How

Watch this on-demand webinar as they demonstrate how AnzoGraph DB can be used to do difficult-to-perform analytics on large data sets and to explore and uncover new opportunities using the Graphileon user interface.

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Parabole Case Study

Read this informative case study to learn why Parabole chose AnzoGraph DB to power its cognitive analytics platform for financial services investments insights.

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