Going Beyond Rows and Columns with Graph Analytics

Going Beyond Rows and Columns with Graph Analytics

Originally recorded Dec. 13, 2018

Sathish Thyagarajan, Solution Architect
Steve Sarsfield, VP of Product

Graph databases are gaining in popularity as new forms of connected analytics become increasingly important. Experts agree that graph is a more natural way to think about data because it is more human. Humans don’t naturally think in rows and columns, so why do most people still rely on relational databases for their analytic needs?

AnzoGraph™, an award-winning database created by the founding members of Netezza, takes you far beyond a simple understanding of the intersection of rows and columns in a database. It’s also about how the data is connected. This new connected information layer does a lot for you. It helps in buyer intent, knowledge graphs, machine learning and a variety of other analytical applications.

Listen in to data analytics gurus Sathish Thyagarajan and Steve Sarsfield to discover why leading global organizations around the globe have turned to AnzoGraph to solve new analytical challenges.

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll touch upon the different types of analyses you can achieve with a graph database like AnzoGraph. Then, we’ll dig into how graph OLAP databases scale differently than graph OLTP databases and how AnzoGraph complements Neo4j, AWS Neptune, and other graph and relational OLTP systems. Finally, we’ll show a demo of AnzoGraph and how you can get it running on your laptop in about 5 minutes.