Data Analyst

Data is the foundation of any enterprise. Data Scientists, Business Analysts and Citizen Data Scientists use their diverse skill sets to support the avenues of information that data runs through. While this is a challenging process, they attempt to make it a smooth and invaluable practice.

Data Scientists and Data Analysts have deep expertise at querying and analyzing all forms of data. Due to their split persona in terms of where their skills and roles are deployed in the organization, they are well versed in the challenges of data integration and analytics tools and systems. They know how to retrieve and assemble data in many forms, from spreadsheets to statistical software. Business analysts have an interdisciplinary approach to data that fuses the split personas data analysts have. They have expert business skills and understand advanced statistics.

However, there are times when analysis and integration isn’t running according to plan. Someone in IT could be so overwhelmed by the number of projects in their queue that your request for help in securing and preparing data may not be addressed for weeks, or even months. Or you’re left on your own to do the best you can with a limited set of information.

Anzo provides an agile and foolproof tool set at your fingertips for tackling these diverse data challenges. With Anzo, Data Scientists and other analysts can concentrate on rapidly assembling and analyzing diverse data with self-servicing tools. Due to timely and trustworthy data, you can ask any question with complete confidence without long turn around times. Anzo reports are adaptable to new information and requirements with dependable results. Best of all: no coding required.