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Data Architects and IT

Enterprise Architects and IT personnel play a critical role in businesses today. As the amount and importance of data continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly difficult for data architects to do their jobs. It is crucial that these people are given an innovative solution that appropriately addresses old and new problems and is built to handle all that is to come. Plus, the data architects are not the only ones who will benefit from a higher efficiency level, just as the architects are not the only ones who will suffer from low levels of productivity. Efficiency has a ripple-effect in any organization, and all employees will undoubtedly benefit.

Due to the large, sporadic, and unorganized nature of today’s businesses’ structured and unstructured data, it is imperative that data architects and IT infrastructure workers are given tools to help them manage, organize, and properly implement their data strategies. There is an abundance of software options available, but people are rightfully cautious when determining which tools to use–many of these software systems are not fit to handle today’s data demands, and might even harm the data organization’s efforts. Anzo is an end-to-end, comprehensive approach that provides a semantic layer over data in disparate systems and locations. Anzo offers peace of mind by incorporating lineage, provenance and governance; furthermore, since much of Anzo is automated, tedious tasks are eliminated, enabling the personnel to focus on higher-level concerns and skill sets in a more productive manner. Anzo is the answer to many of the toughest challenges faced by enterprise architects and IT, all while helping reduce costs and skyrocketing the business’s success.