Data Access On Demand

There is such a massive, diverse, unorganized amount of data in today’s world that it has become near-impossible for organizations to gain control of their enterprise data; making datasets available to diverse consumers in the format they need, on-demand and at scale, is another increasingly unbearable problem.

Cambridge Semantics’ Anzo® tackles these problems by delivering a breakthrough approach to managing and moving your enterprise data (structured, unstructured, internal, external, any format, any location).

Anzo provides the ability to rapidly harmonize data from diverse data sources with rich context while enforcing strict governance and change management processes, and preserving data lineage.

Anzo uses a semantic layer to provide common business meaning across all of your data to automate the delivery of authoritative datasets to business users, BI tools & other systems, in the format they need, when they need it.

With Anzo You Can:

Enforce Governance, Security & Privacy

Anzo allows organizations to define and enforce strict rules regarding data access, and works in conjunction with corporate security and data governance policies

Scale and Handle Complexity of Large Organizations

Anzo’s in-memory database allows for interactive data preparation and analytics at massive scale; it also leverages the processing power & economics of the public and private cloud

Work with Unmatched Flexibility

Anzo provides a semantic layer of meaning across all of your enterprise data. This enables rapid harmonization of diverse data, and is an adaptable solution for changing data sources and needs

Compliance with Industry Standards

Anzo natively supports industry standards, future-proofing your data investments.