Accelerate Digitization

Anzo® rapidly harmonizes data from structured and unstructured sources and applies durable, open standards to correlate data into flexible architectures simplifying and accelerating analytical insights for all clinical and business functions.

Healthcare IT budgets have high percentages of fixed costs consumed by “keeping the trains running on time”. Anzo reduces time/labor intensity of extracting, modeling, curating, and augmenting data resulting in timely knowledge weaved into clinical workflow and/or analytic platforms.

EMR and other HIT systems operate on proprietary data persistence, transport, and access methods – sometimes locking users into limited access roles. Anzo liberates information critical to improving performance.

With Anzo You Can:

Develop Synergies

Enable Enterprise innovation and collaboration across all service lines and divisions

Upgrade Your Architecture

Modernize and future-proof your IT/data infrastructure

Increase Data Value

Turn hard-to-access data into valuable assets available when and how you need in current workflow

Gain Independence

Reduce dependency on proprietary HIT vendor(s)


  1. Diving Deeper into HL7 Standards with the Smart Data Lake

    This blogpost discusses how semantic graph technology can help overcome the challenges presented by healthcare regulations and standards such as HL7.

  2. It’s a Matter of Semantics – Reinventing Healthcare

    The business of healthcare is broken, and that’s getting in the way of forward-thinking clinicians who should be optimizing digitally enabled medical advancements. We suggest implementing an event-enabled, services oriented, interoperable semantic layer to reinvent healthcare.

  3. Healthcare Has Become a Data Problem

    Without the right information management capabilities a definitive path to positive change for healthcare organizations is simply not attainable. They must assemble platforms of integrated tools/components/services that perform in unison to ingest, catalog and analyze all sources of data available.