Evolve Ecosystems

Healthcare value chains are evolving into dynamic “ecosystems” where value-based programs, personalized interactions, and custom tailored care plans make up the prevailing design – all constituents benefiting from improved utilization trends, clinical quality metrics, and consumer experiences.

Collaborative ecosystems elevate performance when enabled by harmonized, shared, trusted information. Think beyond just claims and EMR data and consider all the sources related to social determinants/life style choices & behaviors, including IoT. The realm of personalized care/wellness can depend on Anzo for simplified data ingestion, integration, and linking as a conduit across a co-dependent set of players simplifying risk and care management, as new elements of data (e.g. genome) become relevant, access is open-sourced for the individual, the population, and the entire ecosystem community.

With Anzo You Can:


Develop interoperable partner & network collaborations where everyone wins, including the patient

Create Relationships

Create and maintain contextualized relationships with patients and other consumers of your products/services

Focus on Patients

Patient-centric interactions and connected hand-offs across continuum to avoid gaps in care and costly overuse and/or mistakes

Improve Health

Promote wellness and remote health monitoring as fun and rewarding for your patients


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  3. Healthcare Has Become a Data Problem

    Without the right information management capabilities a definitive path to positive change for healthcare organizations is simply not attainable. They must assemble platforms of integrated tools/components/services that perform in unison to ingest, catalog and analyze all sources of data available.