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Improve Performance

Business and clinical performance improvements are fueled by accelerated speed-to-insight and open access to information needed to understand current metrics and to map out blueprints for agile shifts in pivotal tactics.

Bed-side intervention via evidence-base knowledge and personalized care matures due to accurate and trusted knowledge integrated into workflow and/or decision support. Anzo® facilitates Patient 360° to dynamically guide level-of-care and other outcome-related pathways.

Anzo feeds and trains all Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) engines for full spectrum of information management competencies across the enterprise – and amplifies adoption and utilization of knowledge-augmentation vehicles using existing human or Machine-to-Machine (M2M) interfaces.

With Anzo You Can:

Influence Speed to Market

Business agility for new strategies and or operating models

Improve Outcomes

Influence clinical outcomes and improve cost of care via improved quality of data

Accelerate Value

Leveraging analytics as a core competency, advancing AI & ML initiatives for returns on investment

Improve Access

Access all systems and applications via a unified platform for the enterprise


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