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Competitive Intelligence

R&D and Commercial Competitive Intelligence programs as well as business development and marketing teams are using our solutions to dramatically increase the speed and efficiency with which they deliver information and insight to stakeholders. Knowledge graph automates and improves the core activities, improving data gathering, curating of text and diverse information, and allowing for custom information organization. Users can easily incorporate other existing information, collaborate and investigate with information from diverse sources, and create reports and visualizations.

Our responsive customer success team is ready to work with you and is always there to offer their expertise and support. The customized solution is more flexible and targeted than any dedicated Competitive Intelligence tool. The solution can be implemented in a fraction of the time of IT-sourced custom systems. This tailored solution draws on the content that you trust most and delivers up-to-date reports, dashboards, and analyses to stakeholders when they need them, in the way users want them.

With Anzo You Can:

Follow Industry Trends

Proactively monitor the industry to receive alerts when key developments occur around drugs, companies, targets, disease areas, or geographies.

Access Key Content

Draw on the content sources that you trust the most, including private, public, and proprietary sources.

Keep People in the Know

Give senior decision-makers self-service, up-to-date access to live CI dashboards that summarize drug development activities of interest to them


Improve the quality of your competitive intelligence by allowing subject-matter experts to curate, correct, and augment the data they know best