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Digital Patient Health

Digital Patient Health trends indicate a huge demand for improving data integration and analytics. Technology, such as wearables for wellness, self-reporting EMR systems, patient portals, and digital communities, has disrupted the typical patient experience and re-created it.

Scientists and health organizations need to gain fast answers to their questions, but the task of correlating and analyzing locked-away data including RWE, clinical trial data, and other sources of patient data is time-consuming and inaccurate.

Anzo provides health organizations with knowledge graphs to correlate and analyze all their clinical trial data sets, RWE data, and patient data, from genetic content to insurance claims. This results in improved patient outcomes, faster and more successful clinical trials, medicine that is safer and has better efficacy, lower R&D costs, and better business insights than ever before.

With Anzo You Can:

Fast Answers and Insights to Questions

Anzo provides an end-to-end knowledge repository, resulting in fast answers regarding patient health, including patient safety, product efficacy, R&D operational effectiveness, research, initiatives, and more

Leverage All Data Including RWE

Anzo’s unparalleled speed and scale make it possible to analyze large data sets of RWE in combinations with clinical patient data, including clinical treatment text, captured in Clinical Notes but too often ignored

Governance, Security and Privacy

By providing critical capabilities for metadata management, Anzo ensures that when data is combined, it does not pose a privacy issue by revealing patient-confidential information

Improved Clinical Trials

Insights gained from RWE and prior clinical trials can guide organizations to select smaller and more targeted patient populations for clinical trials, resulting in more successful patient outcomes--at a lower cost


  1. Digital Patient Health Solution Sheet

    Learn how Anzo helps organizations easily include, correlate, and analyze their clinical trial data sets, RWE data, vast patient data and more!

  2. Digital Patient Health Case Study

    Learn how Anzo allows multinational pharmaceutical companies to deliver a competitively superior medicine to market faster and secure higher reimbursements.