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Material Sciences


Innovative materials play an essential role in energy, manufacturing, agriculture, consumer products, electronics and industrial productivity.

Developing new materials can be a lengthy, difficult process as researchers search for patterns in their large amounts of data related to a material’s structure and composition. Whether exploring oil and gas resources or developing stronger, lighter materials and sophisticated products, the possible research scenarios are nearly unlimited, and the challenges or sorting through an ever increasing set of data is overwhelming.

Anzo® solves that problem by making data readily accessible for exploration, discovery and analytics to researchers, data scientists and business analysts using industry-specific language and terminology.

Industry Brief

“Scientific Data Discovery for Material Sciences”

Material science companies are expanding their research portfolios and at the same time generating unparalleled volumes of data. Anzo automatically creates a Semantic Layer that understands the meaning and relationships of all the data in any format, and enables rapid, on-demand access to answer scientific and business questions.

With Anzo You Can:

Oil & Gas

Oil is hard to find and expensive to produce. Unlock the data in your digital oil fields, earth models, research and disconnected data sources to drive costs down, increase operational efficiency and increase production.


Solve previously unsolvable complex data challenges while exploring the most profitable and safe long-term chemical formulations to reduce costs and deliver greater innovation in products and services.

Consumer Packaged Goods

With tens of millions of dollars at stake, organizations can better understand their data for new Research, Product Development, Revenue Management and expand target market areas to drive rapid growth.


Success in the agribusiness industry requires a deep understanding of specific crops, geographies, and complex value chains that encompass seeds and other inputs including production, processing, and retailing.


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