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Retail organizations today rely on both structured and unstructured information to manage supply chains, evaluate sales and marketing efforts, and discover hidden customer opportunities. As is, this information is certainly beneficial; but collected and managed correctly, and it could become invaluable.

Here’s where most of your competitors fall short: they’ve collected the information, but they have no idea how to turn this information into data that skyrockets sales and advances marketing strategies.

Anzo® solutions gather all your information and organize it for quick-and-easy access. This provides the optimal business advantage: the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of your customers, which can improve and personalize your marketing strategies, and ultimately lead to increased revenue.

Plus, Anzo’s approach to automated data management will help drive down key operational costs typically associated with manual entry, mapping and data preparation.

On-Demand Webinar

“Accelerate Digital Transformation with an Enterprise Big Data Fabric”

In this webinar we discuss how the Enterprise Data Fabric prevails as the bedrock of enterprise digital strategy. Connected and highly available data is the new normal – powering analytics and AI. The data lake itself is commoditized, like raw compute or disk, and becomes an unseen part of the stack. Semantic graph technology is central to Data Fabric initiatives that meaningfully contribute to digital transformation.

With Anzo You Can:

Optimize Revenue

High-performance retailing is all about speed: with Anzo, revenue and price optimization can happen in hours, and merchants can run multiple models in minutes, regardless of an organization's size

Accelerate Insight

A graph-based approach opens up more possibilities for analysis and enables high-performance retailing to understand relationships amongst products based on data, rather than intuition

Enhance Collaboration

By sharing real-time data, retailers can feel confident that everyone is working with the same data, allowing retailers to make the best decisions when it comes to stocking products, trading promotion dollars, etc.

Know Your Customer

Increase sales and create genuine relationships with customers by analyzing data to learn how to personalize marketing efforts and improve your customers' shopping experience


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